Twin 01A Regen Radio – 2013

Twin 01A Radio for 2013

Features of this beauty harkens back to the days of very early radio during the 1920’s and 30’s. The PILOT Center Line variable capacitor spread station tuning more evenly across the AM broadcast band than standard capacitors and this one was taken completely apart and the brass plates were hand polished and the frame was stripped down and refurbished. The KARAS HARMONIC interstage transformer was also completely refurbished to new condition and is as handsome a fixture ever made for radio. And, of course, those two globe style 01A tubes just set the whole radio off in grand fashion.

These old schematics were designed to operate with battery power with 5 vdc for the filaments and 22-45 vdc for the plate voltages. This version does away with the fuss and expense of batteries and operates with two wall-wart transformers (a 5 vdc and a 24vdc). Very clean. Very simple.

The thing those antique schematics did not include was a small amp and speaker but depended solely on headphones for listening. But this set does and listening is now as easy as turning up the volume! All that is needed is an antenna, ground and an easy chair to rest in while listening.

The cabinet is made of mahogany carefully steamed and bent to shape. The knobs are also mahogany with brass cores and all was stained, shaded and finished with semi-gloss nitro cellulose lacquer.

Twin 01A Radio for 2013 top view
Twin 01A Radio for 2013 back view