Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio main view

I have never had a great deal of luck building short wave sets and not just because of the reduced number of transmitting stations. So I embarked on this project determined to widen my receiving options with the short wave section out of Dave Schmarder's All Wave Radio. Plug-in coils seemed to be the way to go to curtail my lack of success. So I planned this radio out using 1/4" bent plexiglass for the top and front with Padauk for the base, sides and back. I followed Dave's suggestion and built this set on an 3/16" aluminum plate cut to fit the cabinet. Both the antenna and fine tuning variable caps are mounted 2.5" back from the front panel and are mounted on steel frames machined for this set. Both are controlled with PVC rods machined to fit.

Two plug-in sockets were mounted on the top panel so that each could be selected at will without having to unplug and re-plug coils..a hint of laziness on my part. The 5-position switch also will provide 2 levels of band spread of 28pf and 82pf to the coil in the right side socket. The main tuning capacitor is a beautiful brass Pilot model of 100pf. The coils include taps for pin #6 (instead of a tickler coil) and were wound to 3uf, 12uf and 44uf.

The result is a first class operating short wave radio. I can almost always find stations anytime of day or night although a lot of them are religious broadcasts. But some of those are particularly entertaining.

Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio angle view