Antique Vernier 1625 AM Radio

This set was designed to use a small 12BL6 tube because I didn’t want to conceal another of my great big 1625 tubes. They are so show worthy that it seems a waste to hide them. As it turned out however the heater was open and couldn’t be used. So I had no choice but to dig out another ‘big one’ to complete the project.

But the cabinet is rather shallow front to back and it was a very close thing to get everything to fit with the variable capacitor positioned right at the largest section of the tube. And the tube with its socket was very tight height wise as well. Radical fittings were required to get the speaker installed in its spot and all the other components (regeneration pot, ground and antenna posts and the coil) had to be installed in a very strict order or they just wouldn’t go at all.

This radio centers around the beautiful vernier dial that came from Dave Schmarder and even though it is extremely old it operates as smoothly as it did when new. Using it I have been able to locate broadcasts I have missed with radios without one. The only change I made was to switch out the black knob with a new heavy brass one to match the large brass knobs on the regen control and the amplifier on-off-volume.

So like all my 1625 sets this one operates on a 12vdc wall wart transformer which eliminates multiple and dangerous voltages and currents. And the amp and speaker are just icing on the cake. It is so convenient to be able to listen to tornado warnings on the radio while I continue to work on new ones.

Black walnut was used on the cabinet and was steamed and bent to shape before through sanding, staining, sealing and finishing with multiple coats of nitro cellulose lacquer that I flatten here in my shop.