B-1 Crystal Radio 2013

Tom's Designer Crystal Radio Front View

This crystal beauty is housed in a cabinet of fiddle-back maple carefully steamed and bent to shape. It features a striking CLARION tuning dial from 1936 encased in a crystal glass dome mounted in a hand made frame of the same maple wood. Everything was stained, shaded and finished with semi-glass nitro cellulose lacquer for a rich glow. Knobs for the radio are solid brass as are the #10 thumb screws for the antenna and ground binding posts.

The tank for this radio includes a dual gang 330pF variable capacitor matched with a 175µH coil wound on a Amidon Ft-114-61 torroid core with 175/46 litz wire. Following excellent advice from Dave Schmarder, this coil was tapped at 67% from the ground end for the diode and the dual gang capacitor was wired to yield a dual tuned circuit. The results are satisfying selectivity and sensitivity from one end of the AM band to the other.

The crowning touch is the inclusion of a small amp and speaker that make listening so much easier and enjoyable than our grandparents did with headphones alone. Plus it avoids big fights over who gets to use the headphones! A phone jack is included however for the occasional need for the rustic mood. The amp battery is included.

Tom's Designer Crystal Radio Front
Tom's Designer Crystal Radio Side
Tom's Designer Crystal Radio Back