Big Glass 1625 Radio

Everything about this radio is big and robust. The solid brass knobs alone must weight almost a pound. That big 1625 tube on its standoffs and brass plate cap stands 7 ¼” and the bezel for the that big convex glass crystal is almost 5 ¾” in diameter. The circuit for this regeneration circuit came from Dave Schmarder and is one I use exclusively for these 1625 sets. I wound the coil on a toroid form using 175/46 litz wire and a standard 365 variable capacitor is included for tuning. A small amplifier and speaker are also included so no headphones are required.

It seems criminal to stick a magnificent tube such as this inside a cabinet where it is hidden from view so to remedy that I made the back panel of ¼” plexiglass and the view is awesome. The front panel and sides/top panel are mahogany. After the sides/top was steamed, bent to shape and dried it was then attached to a special framework built just for this radio. After sanding it was stained, sealed, shaded and finished with multiple coasts of nitro cellulose lacquer that I flatten in my shop.

All of my 1625 sets operate on a 12vdc wall wart which is included. No dangerous voltages or currents to worry about. All that is needed is an antenna and ground and time to sit back and enjoy a trip back to the 1920’s and 30’s.