The Big 1625 Tube Regenerative Radio

1625 Tube Radio Receiver

This project uses Dave Schmarder's Hybrid Regen Set. Dave developed the schematic so that I could replace the 12AF6 tube with this giant 1625 tube. There is just something alluring about these great big, fate shapely tubes that I cannot resist.

All three coils are #14 gauge wire and are wound on a 6" diameter clear acrylic tube with 1/4" walls. The tube was threaded with 8 threads per inch to provide the proper spacing for the coils. The main coil has 60 turns with a tap on every tenth turn which are selected with a 6 position rotary switch.

The tube socket was made of padauk wood with brass tubing inserts and the knobs were made of padauk with Ebony skirts. The plate cap wire travels through a 3/8" glass capillary tube down through the birch top and into the wiring lugs underneath.

This radio operates on 12VDC and I've been using a wall wart wall converter with good success. This 1625 lights right up and glows a rich red which matches the natural color of the padauk nicely. This is by far the best receiver I've put together and is a joy to look at and listen to.

The Big Tube, Top View
1625 Tube Radio Receiver