Blue Oyster Cult 1625 Radio

Tom Kipgen's Blue Oyster Cult Radio

What a fantastic tube is the 1625…and what a history and story it has to tell…and it is so phenomenal that it is still with us today to provide us all with even more good times and memories! This tube was vital to U.S. aircraft and ground vehicles during WWII and was produced by most major manufactures. It is only a matter of time before this relic of our history is also just a memory.

But while I still have a few I shall continue building these single tube regenerative circuit radios from the 1920’s and 30’s They are so big and so robust who could deny them…

The Blue Oyster Cult was another of my sets designed to be a ‘slim-line’ design with a very slender cabinet. As a result it required a ‘satellite’ speaker system in order to keep with the style. So both the main cabinet’s front panel and the speaker’s entire cabinet was made of quilted maple. The top deck of the main cabinet is tiger striped maple and everything was tinted and finished with nitro cellulose lacquer.

This set was built using Dave Schamrder’s schematic that has proven to be so reliable and straightforward. Innovations Dave has initiated have drastically reduced remaining hum distortions and have greatly improved performance.

Tom Kipgen's Blue Oyster Cult Radio, close up
Tom Kipgen's Blue Oyster Cult Radio, top down view