Canned Ham Crystal Radio – 2013

Canned Ham Crystal Set 2013 main view

This crystal set’s name was derived from the obvious shape of its cabinet. No intention was made to create this particular shape but once completed it pretty much screamed CANNED HAM!

The sides, top, corners, bottom and front panel of the cabinet are solid fiddle-back maple from my guitar building shop. Careful steaming and bending were required to create the shape and then after extensive sanding, everything was stained, shaded and finished with semi-gloss nitro cellulose lacquer also from the guitar shop. This radio features a beautiful DETROLA dial from 1936 encased beneath a crystal glass dome. The frame for the glass was hand made from the same maple. The knobs are solid brass.

The schematic used came from Dave Schmarder and it features a dual gang 330pF variable capacitor and a 175µH coil for the tank circuit. The variable capacitor was wired to deliver a ‘dual tuned’ performance and the coil was wound on an Amidon FT-114-61 torroid core using 175/46 litz wire. This radio delivers much more selectivity and sensitivity than a standard crystal set and is much more enjoyable to listen to with the small amp and speaker built into it. There is a phone jack for headphones if desired. All that is needed is an antenna and ground source. The amp battery is included.

Canned Ham Crystal Set 2013 back view