Chimppendale 1625 Radio

1625 regenerative radio main view
1625 regenerative radio main view

This cabinet design was inspired by browsing though 1930’s radios on Ebay and this front panel bent to become the top panel is pretty much classic styling from those days and it is very attractive. Mahogany was used throughout which was stained with red mahogany and finished with nitro cellulose gloss lacquer. The dial is a Universal from 1937 and is perfect for this size convex glass crystal. The bezel is also mahogany and these things prove to be one of the most difficult things that I build.

The circuit is the standard designed by Dave Schmarder some time back and I have used it many times over. The 243µH honeycomb coil was wound with 175/46 litz wire.

with a tap of 10µh that goes to pin #6 which does away with having to worry with a tickler coil. A standard 365pF variable capacitor completes the tank and I used a small trimmer set to 32uH to couple the tank to the antenna. A 5K potentiometer handles regeneration.

The set operates on a 12vdc wall wart transformer with avoids the hassles and expense of batteries and dangerous voltages of any kind. A small amp and speaker make listening a real joy and I can work as I listen which was impossible with headphones.

1625 regenerative radio close up
1625 regenerative radio back view