The Chocolate Kiss Radio

Kipgens Chocolate Kiss Radio Main View

This little short wave wonder operates with the same schematic that Dave Schmarder designed for my Flat Top set and is a real winner. That guy seems to know what he's doing around this radio stuff. He is also a whiz at web site design and is the guy that created and operates mine!

He can be like a prison warden at times tho. I sent him some pics of this set to be put on my site and he turned them down! Turned them down! Turned them down! I was flabbergasted but, as he said, they weren't good enough for the site. So what're ya gonna do??? Take better pics for one thing.

And this radio is fun to photograph cause there are so many cool aspects to it. I wanted everything to be visibly displayed and therefore encapsulated the coil, the main tuning capacitor, the band spread capacitor and the top and front of the cabinet itself in plexiglass.

Power is supplied with a 12 volt dc wall wart that comes with the unit and, if you've read the droll about any of my other 1625 tube sets you'll already know that this avoids confusing and even dangerous multiple voltage requirements. Also, as with other of my sets, Padauck wood was used for the knobs and cabinet and was finished with flat lacquer. I dislike shiny wood!

Those cut knobs are similar to the tops on religious buildings in the middle east I think although Dave says they look just like something else. How disgusting! They look nothing at all like gigantic Hershey Kisses®! But regardless of what they might remind you of they are perfectly functional and attractive not to mention extremely unique.

The uniqueness of this radio is what makes it so attractive as a collector's item. There sure as heck not going to be another one like it EVER! And that's why it's worth so much.

Kipgens Chocolate Kiss Radio Side View
Kipgens Chocolate Kiss Radio Close-Up Side View
Kipgens Chocolate Kiss Radio Close-Up View
Kipgens Chocolate Kiss Radio Angle View
Kipgens Chocolate Kiss Radio