Crystal Bullet Proof Cube Radio

Crystal Cube Radio

With sooo many wonderful features to ponder with this radio it is difficult to know where to start. Bullet proof. That 1/2 inch thick clear plastic material is the well known 'Bullet Proof Glass'. Framing the top and front, it is bound on each side with 3/4 inch padauk with the base the same.

The schematic is one of Dave but I can not recall which one....there are soooo many to choose from. Therefore, the balance of this description rests with the components.

The HoneyComb coil is wound with 165/46 litz wire and is mounted 2 inches above the wood base on 3/16 inch threaded styrene. That gorgeous big old knob destroyed my budget but certainly earns it's place on this set. Behind it is a totally refurbished Pilot variable capacitor which photos cannot provide justice for.

This is another 'operators-choice' radio in that one may select a germanium crystal diode as detection or an Argentiferous galena crystal from Scott's Crystal Radios. This is by far the most sensitive galena I have ever encountered and recommend it highly. Nothing less for Bullet Proof performance!

This prized galena specimen is mounted in one of my 'Enclosed Style' detector stands which also wins a spot on this very special set. Selection of the two detectors is made with the knife switch mounted up top, front and center.

Antenna/ground connection binding posts are behind the detector stand and the phone jack is mounted below the tuning dial....and what a tuning dial it is!

Crystal Cube Radio