Cat whisker Detector Stands

Tom Kipgen's Crystal Radio Detector

A stunning beautiful solid brass crystal detector. The heavy machined and polished base, top, crystal pot and acrylic case weighs over 2/3 pounds (330 grams)!

This old style detector stands 3 inches (75mm)tall (5 inches (12,5 cm) tall including the cat whisker shaft and exotic "Lace-Wood" knob). The base and top are 2 inches (5 cm) diameter with the base and top being 3/8 inch (9,50mm) thick. The acrylic case is 1.5 inches (3,8 cm) diameter,

The crystal pot for this detector is mounted on a 1/4 inch (6 mm) stud which screws down through the base and is long enough to attach to a 3/4 inch (18 mm) platform. The unit is shipped with a potted galena crystal. Another spare crystal pot is included which has two set screws that trap and securely hold any crystal of your choice.

The cat whisker shaft is hollow at the end of the tapered tip and has two very small holes spaced farther up the shaft. The .0117 inch phosphor bronze wire is threaded up into the tip and exits through the first hole. It is then wound tightly around the shaft and then passed through the second hole repeatedly to secure the connection.

The shaft passed through the center of a brass ball which allows precise rotations using "O" rings within the ball's chamber.

This exquisite piece will add a very dramatic touch to any set you choose to put it on.

Tom Kipgen's Crystal Radio Detector

This hand crafted open style brass crystal detector features an innovation that allows full control of shaft action with a twist of the ball chamber cap. Up, down, side to side roll and in-and-out movements are smooth and steady with excellent contact at all times.

This old style detector is mounted on a padauk wood base with all brass components. The cat whisker is phosphor bronze and can be changed out with a single set screw.

Kipgen's Crystal Radio Detector - Mike Starcher

The Mike Starcher Crystal Detector

This style of open detector is the smoothest and accurate detector I have ever used. The knob on top of the vertical post screws up or down on a spring that sits on top of a ball bearing which is in direct contact with the horizontal control bar. It is extraordinarily easy to adjust and use. The vertical post rotates, the horizontal shaft slides back and forth and it rotates to raise and lower the tip of the cats whisker. Wiring is complete and a potted crystal is installed.