Tom's Designer 1625 Regenerative Radios

This radio was built using a schematic Dave Schmarder devised for the HarleyTron radio I built a couple of years back and it was just begging for a come-back. And come-back it has in a completely new package including 1/4" bent plexiglass for the top and front panels with 1/2" maple laminate sides, base and back all stained and finished with flattened lacquer formulated by me. The wood knobs are finished similarly.

There is just something about those big twin 1625 tubes sitting up there with their solid brass caps that stirs excitement. And the cabinet clearly revealing that beautiful HoneyComb coil wound with striking cloth covered tattoo wire just adds to it. If there is a simpler version of a 2-tube radio schematic out there I'd like to see it. This one was a joy to put together and the result is a great performance set. Like the DOS HOMBRES twin tube set, it is uncomfortable to listen to with a headset and with the volume turned all the way up. And there is no doubt it would drive a speaker easily but there just was no room in this cabinet.

Tom's Designer 1625 Regenerative Radios, side view

Dave's Circuit