Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio main

A new 1625 schematic was devised by Dave Schmarder and dangled in front of me like a lure to a bass and I took the to speak. Since this was to be a substantial twin 1625 tube radio I decided to use the most substantial material I have..1/2" Lexan Bullet Proof Glass! The sides, back and base are 1/2" maple laminate stained and finished with flattened lacquer. The wood knobs are finished similarly.

I learned my lesson while building THE BACK PACK set to leave enough head room in the cabinet for a coil! This one is a 241uh HoneyComb coil wound with a very attractive fabric covered tattoo wire. It was tapped to pin #6 of RF tube to exclude the need of a tickler coil. The main variable capacitor is a 359pf model taken out of a very old five 01A tube set from the 1930's and is rather substantial itself. Big solid brass plate caps top it off with the set standing almost a foot tall and 8" deep front to back.

This advanced schematic includes several double grounded choke filters that I've not used before but is a concise and sensible layout. And it is the only twin tube radio I have ever built that actually worked the first time it was plugged in. That demonstrates the clear lines of that schematic more than my abilities with a soldering iron for sure. The radio has great sensitivity and selectivity while being way too loud for a headset with the volume turned all the way up. Now I know why that line-out circuit was included in the plan. I couldn't be more please with the way it performs.

Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio  angle view

Dave's Circuit