Double Honey

Double Honey 1625 Regenerative Radio

This effort was to attempt a little art deco into my radio styling. I bent some siding from an archtop guitar and created the perfect platform for a twin tube set and opted to use my favorite 1625’s for that purpose. The main tuning knob and the tube base spires were all created within the art deco mode and were also made of tiger maple. The hand made knobs and the cabinet were stained with nitrocellulose lacquer toned here in my shop to a brilliant electric honey shade and were then finished with clear lacquer.

Tuning this little beauty is made easier with an actual tuning dial encased in a domed glass crystal. A pair of bevel gears transmit the action from the knob up top to the hand made dial pointer out front and create a very nice addition for the radio. The other two knobs of padauk/tiger maple operate the regeneration pot and the volume. Not long ago I had to learn the technique of spring making on my lathe and wondered if it might work using solid copper instead of spring steel. The answer is evident in the plate cap wires running from the tube caps down to the connectors in the center. Very striking!

I used a schematic devised by Dave Schmarder for this set and it really puts it out. It could easily run a small speaker but there was simply no room left in this cabinet for one so headphones or computer speakers can be plugged into the back panel where the power, antenna, ground and on/off switch are located. Dave designed this schematic to use a tap off of the main tuning coil that goes directly to pin #6 in the detector stage and that avoids the need of a tickler coil and the irksome task of reversing the tickler leads until the set goes into oscillation….something I have found to be very annoying. That and the clean and clear layout of his schematic were what made it possible for this radio to take off on the very first hookup.

Double Honey 1625 Regenerative Radio side view
Double Honey 1625 Regenerative Radio side view
Double Honey 1625 Regenerative Radio back view