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Homemade Radio Loudspeaker

  The Styrophone I

  A Horn speaker for your radio! Wow!

Two Tube Audio Amplifier

  2 Tube Amp

  Uses a 6SL7 and 6N6G.

The Kipgen Coil Winder

  Honeycomb Coil Winders

 Wind your own honeycomb radio coils and be proud to own this beauty!

Handmade Audio Transformers

  Audio Devices

  Amazing home crafted earphones and audio transformers.

Brass Catswhisker Crystal Radio Detectors

  Crystal Radio Detectors

  Fantastic hand made catwisker detector stands. You can't leave before you take a look here!

Handmade Honeycomb Radio Coils


 Litz honeycomb and space wound cylinder coils for your crystal or tube radio projects. Custom made!

Brass Tube Plate Caps

  Brass Parts

  Custom made tube plate caps made with solid brass!

Radio and speaker projects built in wooden boxes

  Wooden Box Projects

  Custom built wooden box speaker and radio projects