King Tut’s 1625 AM Radio

Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio

It is little known that King Tut did in fact have an AM radio and it was in his burial chamber next to some batteries he used to run it with. He had it designed to look like his ceremonial head dress and enjoyed wearing it while he listened to baseball games late at night. It was usually the Camel Heads against the Date Trees since they were the biggest rivalry in the land. He also like camel polo matches whenever they were held as well.

This radio resembles the last 1625 set but there are several distinguishing features The bottom legs of the sides are wider giving it that ‘wide-glide’ Egyptian look. And the bottom edges of the sides are inlaid with Gabboon Ebony. The speaker grill is also inlaid into the side for a change of pace. The polished brass screws fastening the front panel to the sides are surface mount while most previous styles have recessed screws. Also the screws holding the dial crystal bezel are recessed instead of surface mount.

It has been some time since I have worked with Padauk but it is as stunning as ever. The speaker grill and dial bezel are of black walnut for a nice contrast.

The circuit used is Dave Schmarder’s design and is so reliable I use nothing else. The only thing different is the addition of the small amplifier and speaker to make listening so much easier and enjoyable. Tut really liked that idea. All surfaces were thoroughly sanded to 320 grit, sealed and finished with nitro cellulose lacquer that I flatten here in my shop.

Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio side view
Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio speaker grille close up view