Large Diameter Cathedral EM83 Radio

Tom's Designer Cathedral Radio

This is the second padauk cabinet radio and this one is rather large at 10” long but it features a rather large dial bezel that is 4” in diameter. It is made of black walnut as is the tubes base and knob skirts. This extra space allowed a rather large honey comb coil to be wound for it using 175/46 litz wire that is coupled with a 396pF variable capacitor to form the tank. A trimmer capacitor set at 40pF couples the antenna to the tank which added to the almost 405pF capacitance of the tuner capacitor. As a result the coil was only be wound to 177 µH in order to tune the top of the band. A transformer supplies 160 volts for the plate circuit and 12.6 volts for the amplifier and the filament. Actually the filament lead is reduced with a 21 ohm resistor for proper voltage there.

The manufacturer of the antique dial on this set is unknown but was dated 1936. It is a broadcast band/shortwave dial with the shortwave part designating various nations including the US, Great Britain, Russia, Spain and France. The dial pointer was made by me of brass. All brass screws on the front of the radio are polished to a brilliant shine and the cabinet was finished with satin nitro cellulose lacquer.

Tom's Designer Cathedral Radio, side view
Tom's Designer Cathedral Radio, close up