Little Big Tube 1625 Radio

1625 Regen Radio

This new set combines features of four of my previous radios ... the 1625 Big Tube Set, the 1625 Light House Set, the basic 1625 Radio and the recent Moscow Radio.

Yet it is unique and quite beautiful. You'll notice that the base is made from a 2" slab of Mahogany that anchors the set perfectly. The upper plate and the tuning knob are also of mahogany and all was stained, shaded and finished with flat lacquer. The variable cap is an old one I restored and is a straight line tuner. It is encased in a 4" diameter Plexiglas shield and is controlled with a very thick mahogany knob with a special brass finial out front.

The tube sits atop 3" brass stilts that also serve as the pin contacts. The set stands a towering 19" and the base is 7" in diameter to provided plenty support and stability. The tube's plate cap is similar to those built for other 1625 tubes I use and is, of course, cut from solid brass.

Like the other 1625 schematics designed by Dave Schmarder, power is supplied by a 12 volt dc wall wart that comes with the set. No multiple nor dangerous currents are required.

1625 Regen Radio