Marlin Crystal Radio

Clean simplicity best describes this beautiful addition to my crystal radio line. It features highly flamed tiger maple from my guitar supplies which was bent and dried to shape and then attached to its framework. The speaker grill was machined from black walnut and was then inlaid into the front panel. These items are painstakingly difficult to make and shall make an older man out of me shortly. But they do add considerably to the sets. That antique vernier dial was extorted from Dave Schmarders stock and was completely restored before mounting. The wood work was stained then shaded and everything was then finished with a very flat lacquer that I mix here in my shop. The result is this soft elegant effect so essential to this style of cabinet.

The circuitry features a dual 330pF variable capacitor wired to produce tuning characteristics of a double tuned set using two individual variable capacitors. The coil was wound on a toroid core using 175/46 litz wire to an inductance of 183uH. A small amplifier and speaker were included to make listening a much more convenient and enjoyable experience.

I tend to loose sight of how elegant crystal radios can be and how well they perform when made on this type of circuitry and plan to devote more energies in their construction.