Orange Blossom Bomber Regenerative Radio

Simplicity and clean lines define this art deco radio style with polished brass domes strategically placed that help bind it all together. The use of matte finished aluminum plate from surplus sales at the manufacturer of the B-1 Bomber provides the clean and uncluttered quality of the cabinet. A beautiful dial from the 1920’s adds dimension to the front panel with stark black against the gray metal and ties the set to the glory days of radio. A padauk wood knob with curly maple skirting balances the front panel with a nice gloss shine of lacquer finish. The padauk wood tube’s cowling ties the top of the cabinet to the front panel and is mated to the undulating surface with a guitar building technique. The cabinet housing is curly maple carefully bent to shape and finished with lacquer toned deep orange here in my shop.

The circuit used is a Dave Schmarder example of economy and performance. Using his guidance, a tap 10% up the coil is connected directly to the 1625 tube’s #6 pin which eliminates the need for a tickler coil and the problems associated with it. A HoneyComb main coil is used and was would here with gray solid copper Tattoo wire to 241uh. That is perfect for the broadcast band with the tank’s 365pF variable capacitor for tuning signals. Regeneration is controlled with a 5K potentiometer under that orange knob out front. Power is provided by a 12 volt dc wallwart so there are no concerns with dangerous voltages or currents. All that is needed is an antenna, ground and headphones although I prefer to listen to it connected to computer speakers so that I might work while it plays.