Quilted Green Radio

One Tube Regenerative Receiver, built by Tom Kipgen

This AM receiver features a cabinet made from beautiful “quilted maple” used in high end archtop guitars. It is arguably the most stunning figured wood in the world and plenty expensive since it is so hard to find. The outside panel was carefully bent using techniques in guitar making and it was all stained with nitro cellulose lacquer toned here in my shop.

Everything, including the variable capacitor and other brass fittings were finished with clear lacquer for a great shine. The speaker grill, the tube cowling and the regeneration control knob are made of padauk wood in it’s natural color. The tuning knob and on/off/volume knob are made of solid brass as is the tube’s cap and the tickler coil connection post and all were carefully polished to a beautiful sheen. The antique PILOT variable capacitor was completely disassembled and polished by hand. The antique tuning vernier plate was likewise refurbished to new condition.

A 1625 tube was used in a tried and proven schematic from Dave Schmarder except a small amplifier and speaker were added for listening convenience. It is surprisingly loud and very clear. Since the variable capacitor sports 500pF of capacitance the coil only needed to be around 170uh and a pre-wound combination coil I had on hand fit the bill nicely which included a 7uh tickler coil as well. It is a great space saver and in this radio that was a necessity since the room under the base deck is only 1 ¼” although the total deck height is 2”. The radio is 6 ¼” deep and 10” wide while the tuning plate stands 5 ½”. Antenna and ground posts are located on the side panel. The circuit is powered by a 12vdc wall wart that plugs into the side panel so there are no dangerous voltages or currents to worry with. A 9 volt battery powers the amp and is accessible in the bottom plate.

One Tube Regenerative Receiver, top view

One Tube Regenerative Receiver, back view