Tube Radio On Stilts

An Unusual 1625 Radio

Having run smooth out of those monster sized variable capacitors used in the Moscow designs, I turned my attention to a smaller version of that sane type of capacitor that I bought from Dave Schmarder. It's footprint is only 2.5" X 3" but with my brass spacers installed it holds the upper base almost 5.5" above the lower one. I hoped this set would wind up being tall and slender and sexy so I used a 2" thick slab for a nice and secure base.

The knob controlling the capacitor is direct drive and is located just below the upper platform and is moved with thumb action. What 'hand-capacitance' there was got taken care of by grounding the legs and brass spacers of the variable cap. The thousand or so wires from the components and tube are conducted to the controls mounted on the base via a 3/8" glass tube mounted in back. A few thousand new and interested words were invented as these wires were connected, disconnected and reconnected until the confounded thing finally came to life. I expect to submit these new words to Webster and establish myself in history once and for all!

After the main coil and tickler coil was wound on the 3" plexiglass housing I could see that my vision for a sleek missile style was indeed possible and that brought to mind the old "Space Needle" short wave set from way back. An eye-catching feature of that radio was the display of all the components mounted atop brass stilts placed around the base of the tube's stilts. The result on this one is just as stunning as the short wave although the tube stilts are considerable shorter on this effort. That's OK though since that big old VT136 tube stands almost 7" tall with it's curvy plate cap in place. It is reminiscent of a short flippant hair style favored by many blond models today.

This is a regenerative radio and the regen control knob was machined from solid brass to coordinate with the plate's cap above.....what every fashion conscious radio dreams of! Same goes for the padauk fashioned for both plates with similar side contours to make other set blush with envy. Tall and willowy, this model cuts a sharp wake as it flashes those long stilts up and down the runway. All that brass and polished black component base fairly shimmers in the flashes from the cameras as the show progresses. What a dazzling review we'll see in the media tomorrow!

An Unusual 1625 Radio   An Unusual 1625 Radio