Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio front view

If beastliness is your thing then this radio is right on target for you. I begged Dave Schmarder a few years back to come up with a three-tube 1625 schematic and he did it. I wrestled around with it for a long time and it finally found it's way onto a shelf not completed. But this "Bug-To-Build" that a bit me a few weeks ago brought it back out for completion.

The top and end plates are 1/4" plexiglass bent just for this cabinet with 1/2" maple laminate front, back and base stained and finished with flattened lacquer formulated by me. All 4 matching wood knobs were finished similarly. The main and tickler coils were wound on a 1.5" clear plexiglass tube which required the base to be scooped out to accommodate it's diameter.

Dave tells me the tubes function as an RF amplifier, a detector stage/amplifier and an audio amplifier. They certainly do! It is so loud you can hear it through my headset laying on the table while in the next room with the volume turned up. It does still have a raspy quality in the audio that has to be dealt with but the set definitely works..big time! And I'm all about BIG! And those solid brass plate caps sitting up there just add more to the BIG! This set includes a T725 Bogen auido transformer and a beautiful brass main variable capacitor. It is currently powered by three 12vdc wallwarts connected in series but a 36volt transformer has been ordered to simplify that function.

Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio back view
Tom's Designer 1625 Tube Radio and Power Supply

The Three Amigos Radio With Power Supply