Tower Of Power 1625 Radio


Following the traditions of 1625 tube AM receivers rendered this rendition that is tallest set of recent years towering close to 18” with a base that is 6” in diameter and a depth of 3 ½”. All operational components of the circuits are exposed and mounted on 1/16” brass rods which encircle the tube’s “stilts” of brass tubes. A heavy 3/8” solid brass bar serves as the connection for the tube plate circuit which, when all put together presents a very impressive sight.

The radio operates on a single 12vdc wallwart that eliminates any dangerous currents or voltages. The set also includes an amplifier and speaker the inconvenience of using headphones is a thing of the past.

The cabinets side of tiger maple was steamed and carefully bent to shape and after adequate drying was mounted on the framework built just for this radio. The top deck is also tiger maple and after thorough sanding the unit was stained, sealed, tinted a caramel color and all was then finished with multiple coats of nitro cellulose lacquer.