Tube Radio Gallery & Sales

Tom Kipgen's Designer Radio Collection

  Six A Gone 1625 Shorty Radio

  "Six sides! Two more than the usual radio!"

  Tower Of Power 1625 Regenerative Radio

  "You feel the sky with this radio, brother!"

  The Clear View Magic Eye Tube Radio

  The undulating green night light.

  End View Magic Eye Tube Radio

  Get your hands on this one before it pulls out of the station.

Tom's Fire 1625 Regen Radio

  The Fire 1625 Regen Radio

  The shape reminds the webmaster of his old girlfriend or a bottle of booze!

  The Big Glass 1625 Radio

  The brass and glass makes this radio kick-ass!

Kipgen's EM83 Radio

  Red & Green Radio Show

  Flashing to the beat of Limbaugh!

  Blue Oyster Cult 1625 Radio

  Music to my ears!


  Red Rose Garden Radio

  The resistors are sprouting early this year.

Blue Diamond Radio

  Blue Diamond 1625 Radio

  A radio to DIE for! My webmaster is blue with envy!

Tom's 1625 Radio

  Antique Vernier 1625 Radio

  A mini-waterfall radio!

  Pilot Under Glass 1625 Radio

  Tom has nothing to hide with this radio!

Look in Glass

  Look–In Glass EM83 Radio

  I am speechless, but the radio isn't!

  Large Diameter Cathedral EM83 Radio

  A favorite of my webmaster.

  Radauk & Black Walnut EM83 Radio

  A real 1930's beauty!

  King Tut's 1625 Radio

    Tut's   Terrific   Tube   Tuner!

Cathedral Radio

  Cathedral 1625 Radio

    The music hasn't finished while the fat tube is lit..

Mellow Magic Radio

  Mellow Magic Radio

    Like Singing in the cathedral.

  Green Ears Radio

    The eye(tube) has it!

  Mahogany Twin 1625 Radio

    A deep mahogany wood tone radio.


    I was wrong. This one is even taller than the one below! The sky is the limit for Tom.

  Magic-On-Stilts Radio

    Standing above all other radios!

Shortstack 1625 Radio

  Shortstack 1625 Radio

    Brass, Glass & Wood! It doesn't get any better than this!

  Oval 1625 Regen Radio

    This one runs circles over other sets!

  Devil's Twig Radio

    One helluva small tube radio!

Devil's Tower Radio

  Devil's Tower Radio

    One helluva radio!

Chippindale one tube radio

  Chimppendale 1625 Radio

    Big tube on top of a waterfall cabinet.

Twin 01A regen radio

  Twin 01A Radio for 2013

    Uses two really old school tubes.

Tube Regen Radio

  Six-A-Gone Short Wave Radio

    Receives those small radio waves!

Tube Regen Radio

  Six-A-Gone Magic Eye Radio

    Green and it glows!

Tube Regen Radio

  Small Cologne Bottle Magic Eye Radio

    Get a whiff of this one!

Tube Regen Radio

  Art Deco Magic Eye Radio

    This radio will keep you entertained!

Tube Regen Radio

  EM84 Magic Eye Radio

    Another great looking Magic Eye Tube radio

Tube Regen Radio

  Caramel Magic Eye Radio

    So sweet this will elevate your blood sugar levels just by looking at it!

Tube Regen Radio

  Quilted Green Radio

   The color of this radio will match your envy for it!

Tube Regen Radio

  Orange Blossom Bomber Radio

   A real work of working art.

Double Honey Radio

  Magic Eye Orange Radio


Double Honey Radio

  Double Honey Radio


Tube Regen Radio

  Back Pack Radio


Tube Regen Radio

  Dos Hombres Twin 1625 Radio


Tube Regen Radio

  1625 Low Radio Radio

Tube Regen Radio

  Dos Amigos Dual 1625 Radio

Tube Regen Radio

  3 Amigos 1625 Radio

Stilts Tube Radio


Homemade Tube Radio


  Tom is building in a new direction ~ sideways!

Teh Moscow Square Crystal Radio

  Moscow Square

  The second set in my Moscow series, comrad. Click on the link, you will not be disappointed!

The Chocolate Kiss Tube Radio

  Chocolate Kiss

  Wow, this set will give you excitement just tuning it. You may even want to plug it in.

Radio Moscow Tube Radio

  Radio Moscow

  Just like being at the Kremlin!

Big Little Tube Radio

  Little Big Tube

  Tower above your radio friends with this set. But be careful not to sit on it. :)

UFO Tube Radio

  UFO 1

  Tom is really out in outer space with this one!

The Wedding Cake Tube Radio

  Wedding Cake

  The Wedding Cake Radio using an EM83 tube. Once you get hitched to this, you won't ever let go!

Regenberative Radio

  1625-3 Radio

  Another version of my popular 1625 radio.

SR Twin Tube Radio


  Two tube BC band radio. A real show piece!

Flat Top Tube Radio

  The Flat Top

  Tube shortwave on 12 volts!

The Green Tree Tube Radio

  The Green Tree

  This set winks with the music.

The Remler Exposed Radio

  The Remler Exposed

  The beautiful exposed Remler capacitor in a radio.

The Winking Wedge Radio

  The Winking Wedge

  The perfect holiday gift. Ask your friends to give you a wedgie!

The Harleytron Radio

  The Harleytron

  Folks, you won't believe this one!

The Space Needle Radio

  Space Needle

  This is my "space needle" radio built using a 1T4 tube.

Regenerative Tube Radio

  1625 Regen

  1625 Big Tube Regen Radio.

01A Tube Radio

  01A Radio

  Wow! Another tall radio with a lot of class.

The Lighthouse Tube Radio

  1625 lighthouse Radio

  Let this radio be your receivin' beacon.

Diode and 1T4 Radio

  Diode + 1T4

  A crystal set with a small one tube audio amplifier. Drives a speaker!

Regenerative Tube Radio


  A single 1625 in a regenerative circuit.

1625 Tube Radio

  1625 Radio

  A single 1625 with many interesting features.

Crystal Cube Tube Radio

  Crystal Cube Tube Radio

  Two 01A tubes in one classy clear box.

1625 Regen

  Big 1625 Regen

  A big tube and a big coil. Tall too!