Wooden stereo speakers and radio

Wooden Solid State Radio and Speaker Projects

FM radio with separate speakers

After much pressure I have developed an FM radio to add to my one-of-a-kind Designer Radios. These circuits of course operate with transistors rather than my beloved tubes but do perform very well indeed.

My initial intention was to incorporate analog tuning capacitors so that I could feature the antique radio dials used on many of my tube sets but, to my dismay, the only tuning capacitors available for the circuits I am using are digital.

However they do scan the FM band and include a lighted display screen. Even the volume controls now days are digital! Another advantage to these radios is that they do NOT require an outside antenna but only require the telescoping unit mounted on the back of the cabinet. They also do NOT require a ground source! Plus they operate with a 5 volt DC wall wart which is included with each radio. The speakers are full range and produce a surprisingly rich sound and connections are via RCA chords.

In keeping with my Designer theme these sets are built with an hand made internal frame work. I then steam and hand bend flamed maple or black walnut and mold it to the frames for perfect fit. Tinted lacquer or clear finish is then applied as desired. 30 to 40 hours are required for construction. Please email me for pricing and shipping costs as well as delivery timing.

Custom fm radio and speakers