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Welcome to Tom's Designer Radios website. My name is Tom Kipgen. I am retired salesman. Now I like working in my shop building various radio and guitar projects.

To see my projects, click on the links on the upper left. I sell a variety of crystal sets, tube radios as well as some other neat stuff.

Along with my radio projects, I sell catswhisker detector stands and coil winders and brass tube plate caps.

My Latest Tube Radio Projects

See My 1625 Radio Orchard Picture

regen radio  

Shortwave Radio   Mahogany Twin 1625

regenerative radio  

Chimppendale 1625 Radio         Devil's Tower EM83


Devil's Twig Radio         Oval 1625 Regen

Shortstack 1625 regenerative radio   Radio

Shortstack 1625   Large Diameter Cathedral


Mellow Magic Green Ears

Cathedral Radio  1625 tube radio

Cathedral 1625 Radio   King Tut's 1625 Tube Radio


Look In Glass Radio  

Look–In Glass Radio   Pilot Under Glass 1625 Radio

Antique Vernier Radio   Blue Diamond Radio

Antique Vernier 1625 Radio   Blue Diamond 1625 Radio

Eye tube radio   Tube radio

Red Rose Garden EM83 Radio   Blue Oyster 1625 Cult Radio


Red & Green Radio Show   Big Glass 1625 Radio

Tom's Fire 1625 Regen Radio  

Fire 1625 Regen   End View Magic Eye

Clear View Magic Eye Radio  

Clear View Radio   Tower Of Power

Six-A-Gone-1625 Shorty

It's a new year and what better way to celebrate is to offer for your amusement, pleasure (and purchase) some new Oklahomean made radios. The weather has been crummy, so I've been inside building these radios left and right. I love making these sets, and am really tickled when they work too!

My other radios can be viewed by following my tube radios main page.

My Latest Crystal Radio Projects

crystal radio project   Tom's crystal radio project

B1 Crystal Radio for 2013   Canned Ham Crystal Set (2013)


Wooden Crystal   Marlin Crystal Set

Crystal Cyclops

An Earlier Project

Tom Kipgen's Radio Project

The LaserRadio

This Laser Radio I built on consignment for a gentleman in the Northeast. His inspiration came from the very first James Bond 007 movie from way back and he provided all the planned dimensions and hoped for features. After reviewing all his input I was able to explain what was possible and what was not and made suggestions for modifications as needed. The process required a good deal of communication as we worked through all of the details and the end results are just outstanding. Goto my LaserRadio page.

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