Tom's Tube Amplifier, Style 1

4 Tube Push-Pull Audio Amplifier - Main View

A new direction for my energies and creativity has emerged in the form of tube stereo amplifiers which has been very rewarding. Over the past three years I have built, modified, tested and even given a few of these 4-tube stereo amps away in order to find where improvements were needed and how to achieve them.

The result is incomparable beauty of tube generated stereo regardless of the genre being played. Even comments from audiophile caliber types rave that while this stereo has yet to reach the $30,000 system it certainly delivers far, far more than the $730 these gorgeous royal cabinet models sell for. These units do not include tone (bass & treble) circuits because the very presence of such degrades the expertise that the recording engineers worked so hard to create in each piece of music. Only a large solid brass knob is used for volume.

Specifications include;
Input Impedance = 100k
Frequency Responce = 20 to 20,000 Hz
Minimum Input for Full Output = 0.3v
Total Harmonic Distortion at 1 Watt = Less than 1%
Output Impedance = 8 ohms
Output Power = Push Pull 8 Watts per Channel Power Requirement = 115 vac

These are 8 watt amplifiers and there are 8 watt amps. My shop measures 30' X 30' and these stereo amplifiers will absolutely run you out of the room! Not that volume is everything. I also build high-end arch top guitars and use exotic and beautiful woods from all over the world. That gives me a great selection of materials to house my amplifiers in including fiddle back maple, mahogany, padauk, quilted maple, black walnut, lacewood, bloodwood and many others. Everything is hand made and built to "fit"!

The model shown features a top surface material of 3/16" aircraft aluminum that sports a very unique and attractive finish. I mix my own stains and shades using nitrocellulose lacquer here in my shop and provide endless variations of colors and mix my custom finishes from an extreme flat to a lustrous high gloss .

There are 5 RCA imput jacks for cell phones, turntables, cd players, tape players while the selector knob also includes an additional choice of using the handy cell phone jack located on the front panel. Headphones are plugged into the unit on the lower aluminum deck to the right of the tubes. A 2 amp fuse protects your circuits and is located on the rear panel.

Although the tubes themselves get hot and can burn fingers no other area of the amplifier does. Even the aluminum plate very close to the tubes only gets reasonably warm.

Since each of these stereo amplifiers are built by hand one at a time considerable time is to be expected for completion. Please email me for availability and estimated delivery times.

4 Tube Push-Pull Audio Amplifier - Side View
4 Tube Push-Pull Audio Amplifier - Back View